Video Star – Kate & John

This may possibly be my favourite wedding video ever, because not only do the people in it seem like the kind of people I would love to hang out with and the whole wedding looks like it was a blast, but because the video just made me happy! I felt like I was watching the opening of a movie I had been dying to see for ages.

The video begins with a introduction from the Groom over scenes of the wedding (who by the way, has one of those amazing voices that just beg to be listened to) which then merges into what I can only liken to the the opening of a really amazing film.  I actually wanted to get up and dance while I was watching this!

The Bride, Kate is going to send me her wedding photographs too, which I can’t wait to share, but I just had to get this video out there straight away.  Seriously, you guys rock!

ps go watch the rest of their videos here…I’m sure you will fall in love with them too!

Our wedding video trailer. from kate massie on Vimeo.

Credit: Millsfilms


  1. Katharine

    What an awesome video! Everyone is just so warm in this. They draw you in and make you wanna be thick as theives too! What a great group of people!

  2. Aw! You are too sweet! I’ll get those pics to you really soon!
    Did I mention I love this blog?! I love this blog.

  3. Fantastic video – loved it! I need to find couples like this in Chicago. Looking forward to the photographs.

  4. Amber Enea

    You know I love the video – cause you guys are an amazing couple and your wedding was the best!! XOXO

  5. Vana

    This is such an awesome video – it looks like a really fun day and the bride n groom are so well suited – Love it !


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