Business Bites: We Teach People How to Treat Us

February 22, 2013

domestic sluttery

Photography: Domestic Sluttery

Gosh, doesn’t that look delicious. I don’t even have a sweet tooth but daaaaaamn!  So instead of putting on approximately 27 stone in meringue consumption alone, I’ll just busy myself with things like this…

Do your readers care about fashion week? This article was so interesting and talks about something I’ve been thinking about for a long time regarding wedding bloggers at wedding industry events.
Don’t worry about what other people say. They’re not always right.
Things I learnt from being a waitress (& part 2)
Create a blogging posse – but this is not just for bloggers. Anyone running their own small business should do the same!
♥ We teach people how to treat us – what to do if your clients won’t pay up!
♥ Darren Rowse of Problogger fame just published a really interesting and useful article about the 3 essential components to his online publishing business

“Blogging is for showing expertise (CONTENT), Social Media is for interaction (CONVERSATION) and Email is for CONVERSION” – Darren Rowse

Should I work for free?
What makes a great portfolio site?
The Lara Jade vs Joey L photography tutorial DVD is currently on sale with a whopping 35% off! (ps I’ve watched this and its great. If you’re interested in getting into fashion photography it’s a must see).
The one thing I wish someone would have told me when I started blogging

“When you first start out blogging, you’re hungry. You’re excited. You have a million ideas. But nobody talks about how you’ll feel five years in. Five years is a long time out and once you’ve gone on that long, you’re in the minority because a sizable portion of your peers will have given up by then. After five years, ideas don’t always come in as quickly. The inspiration doesn’t always hit as swiftly. Or, it comes in waves. For instance, I hadn’t introduced a new column in close to a year and now in the last two weeks, I’ve launched two. Move fast when you’re inspired!” – Shauna Haider

This video is three years old but its still pretty interesting. I feel that wedding blogs are currently at the stage fashion blogs were when this was made… (although an article published just this month by the same journalist had a much less optimistic view of said fashion bloggers, although the rebuttal by The Manrepeller is awesome!)