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Compiling this list of inspiration and business snippets is one of my favourite weekly activities. I always learn something new – often many things! Always strive to learn and better your understanding of how to best run your business, whatever level you’re at…

In other news, I’m being interviewed by Exposure Radio at 1.30pm today. If you fancy listening in you can stream it live here (must not swear, must not swear, must not swear…)


♥ Do successful women get more haters?
What successful people do with the first hour of their work day
An ad-free publishing experiment (Love this post, it raises some really interesting ideas. It’s also what we did with the print magazine. The decision to keep the magazine advert-free was a surprise to many but it’s really worked in our favour)
How to test whether your idea has a market
How to cope with those who tear you down (oh Jasmine, you are so wise)
♥ And because Jasmine is sooo on form this week, read dumpster diving and the things you do for passion
♥ Let go or get dragged
♥ Should I go back to school?
I love Emma’s two epic Q&A posts (& part two)
Demand your worth!
♥ What you need to know about Facebook’s new graph search – ahh Facebook’s done it again and we’re all up in arms! This post also explains why it’s such a drama…
♥ Should you go into business with your best friend?
♥ Can you really make money blogging!? (answer – yes, but it ain’t gonna be easy!)
♥ 21 ways to add magic to your brand and stand out as a creative
♥ Seven things to do if your blog is a deadbeat

Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Girl speaks candidly about her different approach to business, her ambition, motivation, customer importance and life experience. Forbes estimates that Nasty Girl is on a $130 Million run rate…

Until next week!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve only been halfway down the list, but I especially love the first one on haters. Excellent collection of articles.

  2. Caroline Robinson

    I’ve not had chance yet to read a lot but I will read it all as soon as I get chance…. But just had to say the ‘haters’ article put a smile on face …. 🙂 xx

  3. Really handy for a Friday afternoon! After the 21 ways to add magic to your brand I’ve been stuck on the Red Lemon website for hours, so thanks for introducing me to it and the rest of the links Tx


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