Business Bites: Get Stuck In

February 15, 2013

via Bakers Royale

I don’t even like chocolate, but this looks utterly delicious.

As well as dreaming of stodgy food all week, I’ve been browsing around on your behalf. Grab a cuppa (and maybe some cake?!) and get stuck in why don’t ya..?

♥ Fabulous article on dealing with imitations 
♥ Desperate measures? Bloggers faking VIP status by paying for their own swag
What you can learn from eight top wedding bloggers (nice to be included, thanks Heidi!)
♥ Everyone has the potential to do something great, even ‘those people
Finding balance when writing features for your blog.

“While it’s important to have a defined niche that your content revolves around, if you wind your blog too tightly around a singular subject, it can become very dry and insular. Always use your niche as a guide — think of it as a bull’s eye in the middle of a dart board. But then, throw some darts a little further outside of the center.” Shauna Haider

♥ Set yourself some goals!
♥ Hey wedding photographers – Jonathan Canlas’ new book, FIND: Biz Guide, looks kinda rad… no REALLY rad
♥ Modern etiquette and social media do’s & don’ts
♥ What do brands really want from bloggers?
♥ Every one of you needs to download Paul Jarvis’ book, Be awesome at online business. it’s seriously  – er – awesome. Observe:

“Simply having a website built isn’t a business plan, nor is it enough to succeed. If you’re opening a store in your neighborhood, you can’t just hire an interior designer to make the inside look perfect, open the doors, and then watch people with wallets full of money flock in to buy things from you (followed promptly by a money fight on your private yacht).”

“This lack of understanding is my fault as a web designer and an online strategy person. Well, not mine specifically, but the fault of my industry as a whole. Anyone who helps others build online businesses, in any way, hasn’t done the best job of teaching people what’s involved, what they might be responsible for and what to do with the project when our jobs are finished.” Paul Jarvis

At that’s just from the introduction! I can’t wait to get stuck into the rest.

The social media revolution. Are you a part of it?

Should I name my business something else?