Neutral & Neon Bridal Style


January 11, 2013


Inspiration can hit you anywhere, and for wedding photographer Lindsay Hite of Readyluck, it came while flicking through a fashion magazine. “The trend neutral colors paired with neon in fashion really spoke to me”, she told me. “I love the almost surprising contrast between subtlety and outspokenness and was curious about how it would work in a bridal setting. I drew inspiration from far flung corners – from Lana del Rey’s flower crowns, to bright bold colors of childhood celebrations and vintage circuses.”


And the bridesmaid with the giraffe is just too good not to give a special mention to. How awesome is that?!

Be sure to check out he behind the scenes videos too. Its all kinds of fabulous.

This shoot features some of my very favourite things. Cute little hats, glitter curtains, flower crowns and neon! I’m a huge fan of colour (shock, horror) so it was a no-brainer that I had to feature this Thank you to Lindsay and her team for sharing it with us today.