Winter Forest Bridal Shoot


Are you planning to have a bridal shoot? It’s actually something I’m seeing less and less of these days, but if you’re so inclined, I think they’re so much fun! Hell, I loved doing them so much that I started a blog so I had somewhere to publish them!

These photos, sent over by Italian wedding photographer Cinzia Bruschini are so beautiful. I adore the woodland setting, the flower crown, the vintage dresses and the gorgeous autumnal light.


“We wanted to celebrate the arrival of Winter in a splendid beech wood, near a small abandoned village about an hour from our house”, wrote Cinzia. “It’s an extraordinary place and the colours mixing with the sun’s rays at sunset created a magical look.”

“Margherita was a wonderful and unique model. She is very expressive and was able to communicate a great deal, even though we only had a little time available.”




  1. Lovely images, I have to say I do regret not having a bridal shoot on my wedding day, I didn’t think I wanted it but I’m now a bit (not a lot) sad that I don’t have those images. I think I thought previously that it was a bit vain, and maybe it is, but I still wish I had those images…

  2. Thought about it actually, it lashed it down on our wedding day so we didn’t get that many shots outside the tent! maybe come summer the wildflower meadows of Sheffield will beckon…


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