Business Bites: Going Freelance, Copy Editing & Easy Blog Post Ideas

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I went searching for some inspirational business posts again this week, and as usual the interwebz did not disappoint…

How to get the guts to go freelance
♥ Did you know that 85% of engaged couples in the UK read wedding blogs?
Five easy ideas for your next blog post series
How to be your own best copy editor 
Great tips for photographing wedding details – and making the most of weddings without lots of details
♥ The four rules of highly successful bloggers
♥ 10 apps that will simplify your blogging business
♥ Emma wrote about shouting and hiding…
♥ French blogger Garance Dore wrote openly about how she makes money as a blogger
♥ What comes first, motivation or action?
♥ Shauna shared her side of the story behind the epic (and on-going!) project that has been branding Rock n Roll Bride!
♥ Should we all abandon Instagram or what? An interesting article from a solicitor’s point of view
♥ Rejection Therapy – what’s holding you back? The fact that someone might say no? Get over it!
Why I don’t like calling myself a blogger – interesting stuff. I have to admit to feeling like this too sometimes. Usually when people I meet casually (ie taxi drivers, people at parties, check out staff at the supermarket) ask me what I do for a living I say I’m a writer, mainly because saying ‘blogger’ usually results in the dreaded “Huh? What’s that then?” conversation!

Have you found any useful or inspirational links online this week? I’d love to see them linked in the comments – don’t be shy!


  1. For me, I always find it strange introducing to some people I know as ‘a wedding photographer’ – like I need to educate them about how I do it differently and that I’m not some old bloke with a suit and a backpack. Funny that, as those in my wider friendship circle are those who are most likely to be in need of a non-trad photographer. 🙂 By the way, loving the business bites section each week – really inspiring.

  2. I found this so useful – thank you. I’ve had blogging experience in the past but never dedicated much thought to optimising it and making it the most fun it can be – and also the most refined.

    I particularly found the five easy ideas and apps links the most helpful.

    Thanks, Jen

  3. Great collection of inspiration as always – I just come here every week and it saves me so much time! So thanks 🙂

    Hmm, when people ask me what I do and I say ‘photographer’, often they look at me fondly like I’m a small girl with a disposable camera and a whim. Bless, her, eh?

  4. KAT! Thanks so much for featuring me here, you rock love! <3 Can't wait to check out these awesome resources AND might I add that your new blog design looks INCREDIBLE?!?!? How did I miss this?!?! Gorgeous, gorgeous and GORGEOUS.


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