Artistic & Wacky Filipino Wedding : Ryan & Garovs


January 14, 2013


One of the main reasons I love Filipino wedding photographers MangoRed so much is because their wedding photography is quite odd. In fact it’s darn right bizarre. It breaks boundaries that I didn’t even know existed, and it challenges my concept of what wedding photography even is. These images aren’t going to be for everyone. In fact I’d bet my entire sparkly handbag collection that some of you will not like them at all. But I bloody love them and their unapologetic weirdness. I’m inspired, intrigued and totally and utterly confused all at the same time. It’s pretty darn wonderful. And that’s before I even say anything about the actual wedding in the images – fake cotton wool clouds lining the aisle? OH MY GOD YES!


Ryan & Garovs’ wedding took place in Manila, The Phillipines. The ceremony was held at St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish and the reception at White Space, an event space in the city. “The first thing on our mind was that MangoRed had to shoot our wedding, or else we wouldn’t get married (this is what we actually told them!)” laughed the bride. “We mailed them right after we got engaged, and immediately booked the church and reception venues just so we could seal the deal and book the boys. We just couldn’t imagine our wedding in the hands of any other photographers!”

RYAN & GAROVS-1-13 (2)

“We wanted our wedding to not look like a wedding”, she continued. “We purposely chose not to not have flowers at all. Instead, we had randomly piled up found objects (aka junk) as centerpieces, cotton clouds for the church aisle, a bridal bus with a huge ass foil ribbon and draped plastic, foam, foils and film stips for our stage. Our theme was ‘Art from the heart’. We are just so in love with each other, and together we are in love with design, art and photography so we just thought up a way to work it into the wedding.”

RYAN & GAROVS-1-7 (4)

“My favourite part of the wedding was walking into the reception where we were welcomed by our favourite band, Sandwich, as they played our song – The Cure’s ‘Pictures of You’. Behind them, on a screen, we had infographics of our life together from our invitations. I just bawled my eyes out. I am still getting teary eyed as I write this. We were just so happy to see everyone and everything. It was all so perfect.”

I’ll tell you what’s also pretty darn perfect – their video by Red Sheep. Make sure you take five minutes to watch this. It’s AMAZING…

SO GOOD. Seriously, isn’t this wedding incredible? Slightly weird but on so wonderful! Thank you to Ryan & Garov and their insanely talented wedding photographers MangoRed for sharing with us today.

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