Business Bites: We’re all Still Alive Right?

December 21, 2012

christmas cookies

Photography Credit: Pastry Affair

I would imagine that most of you are winding down for Christmas today, and that if you haven’t knocked off already then today is probably your last day of work. HURRAH! But the internet has been awash with great business advice this week – I think everyone’s thinking about next year and how they’re going to make everything so much better!

Assuming the world hasn’t ended today (we’re all still here right?) let’s use this new age to make our 2013 plans. I’m personally so ready to forge into 2013 with renewed vigour!

♥ Is it time for you to stop dabbling and get serious?
♥ Previsualizing
♥ The blogger’s guide to cutting your losses
♥ Ridiculous is the new remarkable
♥ Gala’s been blogging for six years! Her post about it is hella inspiring. Get out there and do what makes you happy!
♥ 15 social media mistakes that are strangling your success
Most advice is bad advice
♥ Legal questions for photographers

Use science and become more productive!

The purpose of your life is not to get to the finish line…