Business Bites: Properly Preparing for 2013

Photography Credit: Lendryggen

Welcome to another delicious instalment of Business Bites – ha!

How’s your December going so far? 2013 is not long off so I hope you’ve all been making your business plans and setting yourself some goals for the year ahead. It’s actually one of my favourite things to do (nerd!)

If you’ve been putting it all off or struggling with what to plan, I wrote an article on this very topic for this month’s Photo Professional Magazine (I have a monthly column dontyaknow?) If you don’t subscribe to this magazine and you’e a wedding photographer then shame on you! My article includes some great examples and some really practical advice about what you should be doing right now to ensure success in 2013. If I was you I’d pick up a copy today! You can order it online or buy it in all large WH Smiths’.

AND if that’s not enough to tempt you, Photo Professional are currently offering a whooping 52% off yearly subscriptions. Simply use the promo code PPSM when you order!

Now here’s some other links that I’ve been pouring over this week…

How to be the perfect intern
Bloggers deserve to be paid for their work (YES! There is nothing more frustrating than big companies just offering you ‘exposure’)
How to get big names to know your name
How to win the hearts of bloggers
♥ Design like Apple, but name like P&G
♥ Shauna shared her media kit insights and published some of the The Blogcademy media kit prettiness!

Have you seen any great business links this week and what plans have you got for your business in 2013?


  1. Love these links Kat! I’m very excited for 2013. My main thing is to sort out my tax and make sure I keep all of my receipts in envelopes in a box somewhere safe and make a note of all expenses on my client database system. Boring I know, but so important.

    Looking forward to all posts next year 🙂

  2. 2012 was a huge learning year for me. I made some mistakes, and hit some lows, and it was brilliant – it’s equippd me with knowledge I didn’t have before, and turned what was a difficult first few months into an awesome 2012 finale. But that’s looking back, and now it’s time to look forward. 2013? I think it’ll be a bit special. Among other things, I want to do sort out statistic monitoring – monitor where my enquiries come from, responses, meetings and eventual bookings. It’ll let me see how I’m doing, what’s working for me, what’s not being so productive, where my strengths are in the enquiry system. My brother suggested it to me a month ago, and I wish I’d thought of it myself! (sometimes he’s clever that way, but I’d never admit it to him!).

  3. It certainly is a good time of year to take stock and make plans for the year ahead! I’m currently in the process of separating out the commercial side of the business from the wedding photography. I think that as two separate identities, they’ll work much better. Plus, I’m having fun developing a new website for the commercial stuff and it’s looking awesome!


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