The Inspirations: There will Always be People who don’t Like Peaches

Oh Dita you are so wise.

There will always be someone, somewhere who doesn’t agree with you or like what you do. But you know what? Screw ’em! The best lesson I’ve learnt through running my business is that I can’t please everybody so I shouldn’t to waste my time trying. And, in all honestly, if people are annoyed enough to tell you that they don’t like what you’re doing then you’re probably doing something right. Hell raisers, game changers and trend setters unite!

There will always be detractors. There will always be differences of opinion. There will always be people that feel it’s their right to tell you they dislike or disagree with what you do. And there will always be people who don’t like peaches.

Pooey to them I say. Now go on and continue rocking your business your way!


  1. Kimberly P

    One of my favorite Dita quotes 🙂 thank you for the inspiration, please keep following that advice-I love your blog!

  2. Post author

    That’s so true Elly. If the criticism comes from a place of love then it might be worth listening to, but if its someone that basically wants to have a moan… well fuck ’em :-p

  3. There’s always gonna be someone trying to bring you down. Screw em and keep going the people that matter will be there through out. Who needs negativity anyway? Bad karma! On and up up and away


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