The Power of Positivity: What’s the Nicest Thing That’s Been Said to you Recently?

August 17, 2012

Yesterday’s School of Rock was magical. We were a room full of girls (and er… Gareth – although I don’t think he minded at all!) chatting about business, blogging and everything in between. I left on a total high, feeling proud of the little space I was able to create and excited to have made a gaggle of new friends.

One of the topics at my workshops that always sparks the most debate and questions is that of dealing with online negativity. I don’t hold back when I’m asked about it. In fact I have very strong feelings on the matter and unashamedly honest about the whole thing.

But you know what, sometimes it’s so easy to focus on the bad things that happen and sweep the good stuff under the carpet. I mean, if I asked you what the last mean thing someone said to you was I’m sure you could recall it quickly, but if I asked about the last compliment or bit of praise you received, I bet it would be harder for you to remember right?

Which is why I’m a huge advocate for writing any positive messages down and saving any lovely emails or that tweets I get. In fact I have a whole folder on my computer where I stash all this loveliness. It’s the most positive, sparkly, rainbow-fueled folder of happiness ever! Then, when I’m having a down day, a quick read of a couple of those lovely things puts me right back on my positive track.

So today, I thought I’d share with you some of the lovely tweets I’ve received over the last few hours about yesterday’s School of Rock. I’m gonna keep riding that positive wave as long as I can!

Don’t you just feel so much more optimistic after reading all that lot? I can’t encourage you enough to focus on the good stuff and how vital it is for your sanity! Did you know optimism can be learned? You can train yourself to have a more positive outlook on life, and I strongly believe that remembering the lovely things people say to you is completely imperative to getting there.

So I ask you, what was the last compliment you received? Don’t be shy now…