The Inspirations: I’m not Telling you it’s Gonna be Easy

Over the past 7 months I’ve interviewed some of the most amazing and incredible people. It’s been one hell of a trip! I’ve loved delving deeper into what makes these critters tick and sharing their wondrousness with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride too. But from now on, I’m going to morph the Inspirations feature into sharing some of the most inspiring business/life realated tidbits that I find on my travels around the interwebz. I hope you enjoy them. I’d personally like to print every single one of these things out and stick them up around my office. Who’s with me?

As a side note, the Inspirations interview feature isn’t dead forever, and if there’s anyone you find inspiring that you’d like me to try and get on the blower, just let me know!

via: The Spotted Fox on etsy


  1. I’ve got this print on my wall in blue (you’d need pink, right!) – its next to my laptop so when I’m editing/emailing etc its my inspiration!


  2. Think you’ll need a pretty big wall if you’re planning to stick all the inspirational bits up. But if you have one big enough, I’m with you; I could add something from every single wedding I’m lucky enough to be asked to photograph, without exception!

  3. Love this!

    I always print out inspiring quotes or pictures to pin up around my desk..might have to steal this little one 😉

    I’m sure everyone will enjoy them, you always keep me entertained with your posts & I must admit I do get bored easily, but this is one of the blogs that I keep on coming back to!.



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