New Tour Date: School of Rock (n Roll Bride) – Sheffield

January 12, 2012

Today I’m a little bit over excited (and a big bit nervous) to announce the first 2012 School of Rock (n Roll Bride) workshop. On Wednesday March 21st, Gareth & I will be hopping on our tour bus and driving aaaalll the way up to Sheffield, and I hope that 20 of you would like to join us!

The 4 hour workshop (1.30pm-5.30pm) is being held at the fabulous Chimney House. From the feedback I received after the last two workshops, I’ve decided to make the classes longer and more interactive. There will plenty of time for questions and if you’d like us to, Gareth & I are more than happy to go through people’s blogs individually and give you some personal feedback.

The workshop is about blogging (duh), or more specifically how to craft and write your blog so it’s perfect for you. My aim is for the attendees to leave with practical tips on how to improve their blogs as well as a bit of inspirational OOMPH.

Most of the topics discussed will have relevance for anyone who has a blog, whether you’re wanting to be a professional blogger, someone who blogs to support their business (i.e. you’re a wedding photographer/stationer/caterer with a blog) or you just want to blog for fun! The course isn’t specifically aimed at people with wedding-related blogs although most of the examples (and secrets!) I share will probably be related to the wedding industry.

The course is broken into the following components:

1. How I started Rock n Roll Bride and built readership (and tips on how you can do the same)
2. Finding your own voice and showcasing your personality
3. Knowing what to blog about and finding inspiration
4. Leveraging social media
5. How I turned my blog into a full time business, advertising and how to make money from your blog
6. Branding and thinking about yourself as a brand
7. Dealing with the not so nice bits of blogging
8. Plenty of time for your questions

The workshop is limited to just 20 attendees and I promise, there are no stupid questions! I’ll even have Mr Rock n Roll Bride on hand to answer any of the more techy queries.

Tea, coffee and some tasty treats will be provided and after the class, I’ll be booking a table for us all to go have dinner and drinks together which I hope you’ll join us for (not included in the price).

The cost of School of Rock (n Roll Bride) is £99 and you can book your place by clicking the Paypal link below.

Sold Out

All photos taken by Shell de Mar at the first School of Rock workshop in London.


  1. Ok. This is entirely TOO tempting!!! I’ve traveled the globe, and London is by FAR my favorite city … history and tradition combined with modern and cutting edge. Plus, BLOGGING!! <3 <3 <3

  2. This is the very first time I really want to cry for not being richer… X(
    And if only I had half the talent to have a chance to get the scholarship spot… but I’ll try anyway!!

  3. Femke

    Kat, I’m putting my blogging cap on, you may hear from me. I would LOVE to meet three of my favorite bloggers.

  4. Post author

    Hey Georgina! The installments are 2 of 250. To get the early bird price you need to pay for the full amount upfront. We look forward to seeing you there!

  5. Diane

    So excited to have booked my place. Looking forward to it so much. Meeting like-minded souls and moving outside my comfort zone! 😉 Time to kick things up a bit!

  6. sam

    hi kat! why is this blogcademy more expensive than nyc? just wondering before i go ahead & book 🙂

  7. Post author

    Hi Sam – As NYC was our first ever workshop one we did it at a lower, introductory, price. Hope that clears it up. We cant wait to see you there!

  8. omg Ive missed out!! but im going to give a go at the scholarship option! fingers crossed!!! Ive attended alot of “mummy blogging” events, but this would kick their arses!!!!


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