Under the Spotlight: Custom Wedding Illustrations by Christy Pepper Dawson

November 8, 2011

To say I’m head over heels in love with the work of Christy Pepper Dawson would be an understatement of vast magnitude. Christy is a super talented illustrator from California (originally from Nova Scotia) and she’s just branched out into doing portraits for Rock n Roll couples.

I’m sure you’ll agree, these are all kinds of awesome. How cute would a custom illustration of you and your beau be for your wedding invitations or thank you cards?

She says, “I use my diverse background to create whimsically macabre works of art. I have been working as a freelance illustrator for years, making custom art ranging from children’s books to album art. But it wasn’t until I got engaged, that I completely understood the magic that is shared between a couple committed to spending the rest of their waking days together.”

“Soon after our wedding, I had the desire to create a portrait of myself and my new husband. I loved it so much that I decided to branch off into new terrain and offer couples an indie art piece unlike any other.”

Through Christy’s unique blend of hand-drawn traditional art and digital techniques, she will transform a photograph of you and your loved one into a one of a kind illustrated art print. Each fully personalised art print comes beautifully printed on archival Velvet Fine Art Paper and ready to frame.

Prices start at $300 for two subjects. Be sure to check out more of Christy’s work on her website, and to enquire about getting your own, drop her an email to hello@peppermintdaydreams.com.

As a special treat, if you mention ‘Rock n Roll Bride’ in your enquiry you’ll receive free shipping and handling with any order! So what are you waiting for?!