An Anniversary Shoot in the ‘Up’ House: Lisa & Geoff

November 15, 2011

Lisa & Geoff wanted to do something different, fun and cute for their two year anniversary shoot. “Geoff and I got exclusive permission to do a photo shoot inside the Up House replica in Herriman, Utah,” Lisa wrote. “When we heard about it being built we got a crazy little idea to drive out from California and take photos there. We are huge Pixar fanatics and absolutely LOVE the movie Up. We watched it the day it came out and we were engaged at the time. So watching the ‘Married Life’ sequence at the beginning of the film really hit home (read: bawling in the theatre). It still makes me tear up every time I watch it.”

“With less than a month to plan the shoot and trip, we made many-a-trip to Goodwill (I love thrifting!) to get the perfect costumes. I made our very own Adventure Book from scratch and I made the yellow dress too (at 5:30 am the day we were supposed to leave!) We have admired Blue Lily Photography for some time now, so we were overjoyed that they could be in Utah and could be our photographers. Being wedding photographers ourselves (The Goodness), it was huge to get such an awesome couple to create these amazing photos.”

“We dressed in costumes, recreated scenes from the movie, had a picnic, the whole nine yards! It was AMAZING! So much fun. I even made one of the dresses I wore that day.”

Aww this just melts my heart. I love it so!

Thank you so much to Lisa & Geoff for sharing these with us. You can also see their ‘day after’ photo session on the blog here.

Photography Credit: Blue Lily Photography
Up House Replica created by Bangerter Homes
Hair & Make Up: Enizio Hair and Makeup Artistry
Outfits: Thrifted or DIY
Soda Pop Buttons: SodaPopGirls on etsy
Aviator Cap & Goggles: US Wings