Bohemian England Meets Mexican Fiesta: Francesca & Iain

This time last week I blogged a wedding at the beautiful Fforest Farm Campsite in Wales. I loved the location so much that when Francesca & Iain sent me their wedding at the same venue I didn’t hesitate to want to share it too! I think it really interesting to see two different weddings at the same place actually and to see how different a venue can look with a different couple’s aesthetic and vision stamped on it.

Francesca described her wedding theme to me as “Bohemian England meets Mexican Fiesta.” I just love how they brought this out with ideas such as the decorations from Lisa Piercy, the paper goods by Thunderwing Press and the amazing screenprinted napkins personalised by Leonie Flower. I’m also swit-swooing over the flower garland head wreaths worn by Francesca and her bridesmaids. This is a wedding trend that I hope doesn’t go away any time soon. I love it!

“We knew early on that we wanted to make a weekend of it, not just a day, and we couldn’t have found a better venue – in the middle of the Welsh countryside,” the bride explained. “Within an hour of people arriving they were tobogganing down hills in push-carts and sinking the local ale in our on-site pub. We had the whole place to ourselves and it felt really magical – the trees lit with fairy lights and big communal brunches and campfires.”

“We wanted an unforgettable experience that everyone could be part of, and so many people helped with decorating, flower arranging – even bringing and cooking me a special bridal champagne breakfast on the outdoor stove whilst I got ready. It was important to us that things be personal and that as many friends be involved as possible in bringing our vision together.”

Check out the beautiful video, made for the couple by Francesca’s brother…

Wonderful! Thank you so much to Francesca & Iain and their photographers Sarah & Simon Wedding Photography for sharing this beautiful wedding with us today.

Photography Credut: Sarah & Simon Wedding Photography
Venue: Fforest Farm Campsite, Wales
Bride’s Dress: Carolina Herrera ‘Daisy Dot’
Bride’s Shoes: Vanessa Bruno
Bride’s Headpiece: Pink Orchid florist, Cardigan
Bride’s Jewellery: Carolina Bucci (bracelet), Alex Monroe (necklace)
Groom’s Outfit: Moss Bros
Rings: Chris Thompson Royds
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: French Connection
Bridesmaid’s Wellies: Hunter
Cake: DIY
Flowers: DIY and Pink Orchid florist, Cardigan
Band: Aderyn Prin
Make Up: Lauren Dunn


  1. Wedding twins! Your bridesmaids dress is my wedding dress, and I too will be wearing a red floral wreath in my hair when I get married in Australia in October. Great minds, etc etc… 🙂

  2. Sophie Childs

    What a beautiful wedding! I absolutely love everything, especially the bride’s dress and the flowers. I so wanted to get married at this venue, but way too far for my liking!

  3. jess

    Absolutely beautiful! The photographer has really captured it wonderfully. LOve the napkins…

  4. Carrie

    Oh my god, I actualled welled up looking at the pics and when I went onto the venue’s site…wow! I think I have seriously fallen for this…..

    Francesca – congratulations, both on your marriage and such a beautiful wedding! I’m going to contact the venue about availability and if this does end up vaguely looking like a reality, would there be any chance I could pick your brains somehow on suppliers etc?? x

  5. Sally Hume

    Beautiful Francesca! Congratulations. It looks like you both pleased yourselves with this venue and just let your guests get on with it. Simple and cheerful.. perfect combination. Pretty dresses and big fans of your photographers too! lovely people – we used them for our wedding in Surrey.

  6. Carrie

    Francesca – Thank you! – drop me a line with yours but may not have to bother you too much…I am smitten, but the boy is concerned about the cost and the Welsh weather (although you looked very lucky in that dept!) so any positive points to argue very welcome……! X

  7. Laura Gillham

    I am getting married on Friday and watching your beautiful video made me cry! I would love to know what the sons is accompanying it?
    Such a beautiful, joyous looking wedding.
    Many congratulations to you both!

  8. cassy

    Hey Francesca!

    Wow! Your wedding looks lovely… and you prove that flowers in the hair are the way to go ! We actually went to look at fforest last week! Might I be able to ask you a couple of questions if you had the time?

    Thank you!


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