How to…Dress as a Wedding Guest

I get a surprising number of emails from readers asking what they should wear to weddings they’ve been invited too. So today I thought I’d use this as an excuse to do some fantasy shopping. I was browsing on the River Island website and was pretty darn inpressed with their new dress collection – they have so many designs that would be perfect for weddings this summer! River Island isn’t actually usually a shop I go into…however I think that might be about to change.

I think they key thing is to dress appropriately to the theme of the day and usually this can be determined by how and where the ceremony is taking place -ie a church wedding might mean the wedding could be a more of a traditional affair so maybe you should tone down your inner goth.

I think if you know the couple well it’s easy enough to ask what the dress code might be, but just in case you’re off to the wedding of your second cousin twice removed, I hope some of my recent finds can give you a few new ideas…

♥ Yellow bow prom dress
River Island, £44.99

♥ Red or Dead womens red or dead tegan glitter high heels
Schuh, £100

♥ Vivienne Westwood, Classic orb patent-leather tote
Net-A-Porter, £845

♥ Glitter & Twisted Lace Collar Necklace
Dollydagger, £40.80

♥ Green polka dot shift dress
River Island, £39.99

♥ Colette cameo brooch court high heels
Schuh, £60

♥ Medium Leather Carry-All Pouch in Taupe
American Apparel, £46

♥ Fifties Bow Alice Band
Oasis, £3

♥ Gem Heart Earrings, White
Dollydagger, £12

♥ Beige checked belted shirt dress
River Island, £40

♥ Toms classic slip on espadrille black canvas
Schuh, £32.99

♥ Black suede maxi length fringed slouchy bag
Topshop, £75

♥ Rainbow Spectrum Bracelet
Tatty Devine, £58.50

♥ Cupcake Brooch
Dollydagger, £20

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  1. I think if someone came to my wedding in that green polka dot dress I’d just hand them the bouquet and ask them to be in all the photos ~ it’s pretty lush!

  2. That would be great Kat. I think it’s harder for blokes to be more adventurous at weddings. Be great to see more tips for guys. 🙂

  3. Post author

    Ooh good question! I guess something reasonably smart but comfortable … I reckon if I was a photographer I’d be rocking the plain cotton maxi dresses.

  4. Post author

    Kirsten and Lee – you’ve both inspired me to start a new mini fashion series I think! Will get working on it!!

  5. Love it! I’ve spent the past hour going through the online shops. My fave is the lace collar necklace. Very helpful post. It’s been my experience over the years that a good many people have no clue what to wear for weddings. I’ve seen several folks show up in jeans and a t-shirt to semi-formal weddings to club gear at a black tie wedding.

  6. Post author

    Thanks kristen.not bad feedback for an afternoon I basically spent procrastinating and fantasy shopping online! I definitely think I’m going to expand this idea into a mini series.thanks for the great feedback!

  7. stephania

    hi kat!
    just wondering…. i have a wedding in October here in Colombia and is going to be a church one. my body type is curvy, is it better if i go with a dress a bit more tight in the bottom?
    thank you

  8. Post author

    Stephania – yeah could be vv sexy. That or 50s shapes with a full skirt. Have a look at vivien of holloway. They do both shapes! Good luck!

  9. The problem with long dresses (for the photographer) is that we often have to be climbing things or squatting down or swishing through foliage. I make our jobs sound so ‘Jungle Book’ 😉

  10. Post author

    Mid length like below the knee? I think I’m gonna get some expert advice on this one, not being a photographer myself!

  11. Katherine

    these outfits are so hot!!! i love the humanist ceremony shoes & bag, the sweet, ‘proper’ civil ceremony outift and the church black necklace & bow dress…actually, i just love it all!

  12. OMG that yellow dress and polka dot dress – I love!! And that collar!!! Kat why oh why do you make me want to spend money??!!! :-p

  13. Niki

    I am thinking of having the yellow dress for mu bridesmaid dresses pretty cute!!

  14. Laura M

    I recommend a website called Polyvore :

    You can create looks by dragging and dropping clothes/shoes/accessories into a “set” using their online tools and save them to the site. You can also browse other “sets” that people have created and even ask fashion advice. It certainly gives you many ideas! Be warned though, it’s quite addictive! x

  15. I actually get a lot of emails about this too and have done a couple of posts on certain themes already (black tie, summer picnic etc).

    But there is a problem. I have to hold back as I find it really facilitates my shopping addiction.

    Have a good day,

    Julia x


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