How To…Get the Best Out of Your Engagement Shoot

September 4, 2010

All Photo Credit: Browns Photography

This week I got chatting to Brighton-based photographer Joanna Brown who has just put together a list of engagement shoot prep ideas to give to her clients. I loved it so much I asked if she’d share it with you all too.

♥   ♥   ♥

This is a simple guide so you can get the best possible photographs from your forthcoming shoot.  The images that I get from my shoots like the ones above do not just happen; they were thought out, styled and prepared for in advance.  With just a little bit of preparation yours can be fantastic too so here are some pointers…

♥ Ideally think about your outfits, I would recommend that BOYS ~ smarten up as much as you can, this might mean a cool shirt and jeans and converse just not too casual.
GIRLS ~ my advice would be don’t hold back, I want you to feel beautiful and gorgeous in what you wear, I would defiantly opt for a cute dress, something that you feel good in and comfortable.

♥ I want you to both feel good about yourselves, this will help build your confidence and get into the shoot.
♥ I would recommend that you bring another outfit with you to mix it up a bit.
♥ I know this may sound obvious but GIRLS ~ do wear some make-up go that extra mile.

♥ Its great to get some initial ideas from you; I will then do the rest in terms of scouting locations making sure that the backdrops are cool and the logistics are fine.
♥ I will finalise the idea of the shoot, directing it in terms of style, the idea for the botanical one came about from her love of the countryside I choose specific locations that I knew would compliment their specific style.


♥ The timing of the shoot is important, either the “Golden Hour” (an hour or so before sunset) or early in the morning to get the killer light.
♥ Come to the shoot prepared so we can make the most out of your time with me.
♥ Please feel free to bring props that might be appropriate e.g. books if its in a cafe, cakes and blanket if you want a picnic style, even your bikes or your VW Camper, let your imagination run riot and have some fun with it.

♥ Most of all be UP FOR IT (that includes those boys too) its a great way for us to get to know each other, have some fun and create some beautiful photographs that you will want to put on your wall…


All Photo Credit: Browns Photography