Unique & Rock n Roll Engagement Ring Ideas

I get a number of emails from my newly engaged readers who are looking for something a little different for their bling, so this week I thought I do some more fantasy shopping and share some of my favourite non-traditional rings. Oh I’m so good to you.

Feel free to add your own links to engagement rings you’ve seen and loved on your internet travels to the comments section.

unique and rock n roll engagement rings

(From top left – clockwise)

♥ Lily Royale ring
Catbird NYC, $2800

♥ Rose gold twin sparrow claw ring
Bloodmilk on Etsy, $170

♥ ‘Oui’ Ring, 18k pink gold with diamonds & morganite
Dior, POA

♥ Melting love ring
Catbird NYC, $160

♥ ‘Oui’ ring, 18k white gold & diamonds
Dior, POA

♥ Black veil claw ring, 18K Black and Yellow Gold with a 5.5ct Black Diamond
Atelier Minyon, $14,500

♥ Persephone’s jewel part ii ring
Bloodmilk on Etsy, $150

♥ Round sapphire 14k white gold ring with diamonds
Gemvara, $6629


  1. I lovelovelove that Dior pink gold ring! I think I’ve found a new dream ring! (and £6000 cheaper than the other one i wanted – everyone wins! ^____^ )

  2. Fran

    I love some of these rings, Kat! My fiancé and I chose my engagement ring together because we wanted it to have special meaning. My ring has two stones, a diamond and a sapphire in a white gold swirl setting on a yellow gold band. Rather than just one stone, having two stones represents us both, equal and opposite, like night and day. The arrangement of the stones makes it look like ∞, the infinity symbol, which we also liked. It took a couple of months to find but not a day goes by when I’m not happy with our choice. To all the newly engaged looking for a special ring, take your time- it’s worth the hunt!

  3. Love this post, Kat. Before we got engaged my FH and I were searching for great inspiration to find something original and rock’n. We ended up getting one made by a local jeweler which actually worked out cheaper than buying something mass-produced in the shops. We could choose the stones we wanted (ended up with 2 very unique bi-colour sapphires) and got to design the shape, colour – everything! Once it was finally made, I didn’t get to see the finished product until he proposed, which was such a wonderful surprise. I’ve tweeted you a pic!
    ~ Katie

  4. These rings are hot damn GORGEOUS. Been married for five years (engagement but a long, distant memory), howeverrrr…had both my engagement & wedding ring stolen last year, & been looking for the perfect replacement. I’ve been swayed towards getting something’ bespoke – can never find quite what I’m looking for, & mainstream design just doesn’t do it for me – but these babies have def. inspired me. Consider me a Bloodmilk convert!

  5. Georgia

    wow! really love that lily royale ring! I have be looking for a long time for diamond engagement rings that are different, a little quirky, unexpected, and had no luck… thank you Kat! I think you just found it! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!

  6. Benita Applebum

    these rings are fantastic, so different! when i got engaged last year I wanted a totally unique ring, my fiance and i ended up finding a great diamond merchant online and bought a coloured diamond on this website – http://www.hopediamonds.com.au/ . We had it made into my own design in white gold, the colour of the diamond is champagne with hints of orange. Can highly recommend getting your diamond from Hope Diamonds like we did, it was a much better price and the quality of the diamond was far more impressive than anything we saw in a mainstream retail jewellery store. Hope also offered us a 14 day money back guarantee in case we decided we didnt like the diamond once we’d ordered it online, but we didnt need it as I’m in love with my ring more and more every day! This is a great option for anyone like me who has specific taste and style.”

  7. sadi seymore

    These are all such beautiful rings! I wish my other half is that thoughtful when it come to getting my engagement ring, we’ve been together for 3 years and I picked up on a hint from his sister that it might be happening soon!!! And let month when we were in London Hatton Garden, whilst walking past a few jewellery stores he insisted we went into one, so we went into shining diamonds and they had some stunning rings https://www.shiningdiamonds.co.uk/showroom. He kept edging me towards the engagement rings and trying to get my opinion on what I like, I really hope he gets it from there as there was one I absolutely fell in love with, it was very similar to the sapphire ring in the pictures above.


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