How To…Make Your Own Skull Badge Wedding Favours/Boutonnieres

May 21, 2011

Today’s tutorial comes from fellow wedding blogger Lou of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. I asked her if she’d like to create an exclusive DIY tutorial for the readers of Rock n Roll Bride after I feel in love with the DIY tutorials she’d done for her own blog. My only stipulation was that it ROCKED…and I think she’s got that down! Pink skulls? Yeah..that’s pretty damn Rock n Roll.

I love the idea of these cute badges either as wedding favours, or instead of traditional floral boutonnieres.

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When Kat asked me to do a DIY tutorial for Rock n Roll Bride, I have to say I was a little nervous. But after following Kat and her awesome blog for a while now, I know Kat loves two things…. Pink and skulls… So I have come up with super cute pink skull broach. Perfect to use instead of boutonnieres, favours, in your bouquet or as cake toppers on your wedding day, or to wear day to day to accessorise your outfit.

Don’t worry about them being perfect, it adds to the homemade look and it means each heart is different.

What you need:

♥ Coloured Felt
♥ Stuffing {I used cotton wool balls}
♥ Contrasting Thread or Wool
♥ Needle
♥ Scissors
♥ Scrap Fabric
♥ PVA Glue
♥ Safety Pin

1. Cut your skull shape, double the fabric to ensure two perfectly matched pieces.

2. Put the two felt skulls together and pin in the centre. It’s now time to start stitching, using a blanket stich…

3. To start the brooch pull the needle and thread through the top layer of the felt, and pull the thread through BUT leave a length of thread inside the skull.

4. Making sure you don’t pull out the previous stich, put the needle and thread behind of both pieces of felt and pull through both pieces of felt.

5. Don’t pull the stich entirely through, but leave a loop at the top of the felt.

6. Pull the needle and thread through the loop and pull tight.

7. You should now have one stich with a piece of thread running along the outer edge of the skull.

8. Continue steps 4-8 until you have the majority of the skull sewn. Stop stitching and stuff your skull, I used cotton wall balls unravelled, stuff as much or little as you like, I think the more shape the better the finish.

9. Continue to sew the skull, once at the end tie a not with the needle and thread. Snip the ends and you have a beautiful felt skull. Add a few stitches to the bottom to be the ‘mouth’.

10. To add a little more, cut two heart shapes out of felt and glue into place as eyes.

11. I also added a cute bow by sewing a piece of scrap fabric.

12. If you wish to use the skull as a brooch, get a safety pin and sew to the back of the brooch.

13. If you wish to use the skull for hanging, pull a piece of thread through one of the stiches, or put a wire or small stick in the bottom of the skull and use as a cake topper or in your wedding flowers. Alternatively arrange loosely on your wedding table for a Rock n Roll look.

Do get creative for your wedding day and have fun making these with your friends and family. You don’t need to be an expert sewer to make these, I am certainly not! Once you get the hang of the blanket stich you will be well away.

Much Love, Lou xoxo

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I’d love to see your DIY tutorials. If you’ve made anything crafty for your own wedding (or just for fun!) and you’d like it to be considered for a feature like this one, drop me an email with a short description of the idea and a few photographs. I look forward to hearing from you!