Tiffany & Brandon – Embracing the Fun

March 16, 2011

“We wanted to get pictures that captured our personalities,” bride-to-be Tiffany told me. “We began calling around photographers in Orlando and almost all of the photographers that I loved were way over budget. I was very upset, and had to come up with a plan. Since I was a student photographer at one point of my life, I loved having models/couples/babies doing photos for my portfolio, and I usually didn’t charge as much as professionals. So, I posted advertisements at the local art schools and craigslist looking for a student photographer who would like to do our wedding. I received an email from Nick Suivski, student at the University of Central Florida and savior of my wedding.”

The couple met with Nick for their engagement shoot at The Central Florida Fair. It was in town for just one week and the couple chose it as their location to embrace their playful nature and the fun side of their relationship. They also had time to take some shots of them at home jamming on their guitars and playing with their puppies Bella & Jacob.

The couple are getting married in October at The Sak Comedy Lab in downtown Orlando. They are having a pizza party and their theme is ‘clouds raining hearts.’ It sure sounds like they’ll be embracing the fun side of their relationship again then.

This post is dedicated to Tiffany & Brandon’s friend Vanessa, who was originally lined up to shoot their wedding. Vanessa recently passed away and the couple would like to also share this special video she made for them.

Brandon + Tiffany- Engagment from vanessa chidsey on Vimeo.

Love and thanks to Tiffany & Brandon and their photographer Nick for sharing these images.

Photography Credit: Nick Suivski