Esma & Emre’s Rock n Roll Boat Party Wedding

January 18, 2011

Esma & Emre were married in March in Istanbul. Their registry office ceremony was followed by a rockin’ boat party!

Esma wore a custom made dress to suit her exact requirements. The only jewellery she wore was her antique wedding ring, something that had been in Emre’s family for 60 years.

“We are fans of hardcore punk,” the bride told me. “My husband is an ex-drummer of a famous Turkish hardcore band called radical noise. Actually we were sick of conventional outfits and after parties so it is why we decided to 60s touch we rented a 56 Chevy. We celebrated after party on a boat in the beginning there was only typical wedding dance music then we started to play hardcore punk metal songs and our friends started to pogo and to stage dive in front of our older family members which are not familiar with these subcultures. It was full of fun. At the end of the night bride and groom made stage dive.”

“Rock n roll marriage is fun. We bought more than 300 bottles of beer 50 bottles of wine and 20 bottles of vodka and whiskey the party started at 18.00 o clock at 19.30 the entire bottles were empty we had to stop the boat and had to go ashore and buy more booze!”

Huge thanks to the gorgeous Esma & Emre for sharing their day with us today

Photography Credit: ümit gündüz
Ceremony Venue: Kadikoy Marriage Office
Reception Venue: Haydarpaşa Railroad Terminal, on a boat
Bride’s Dress: Custom Made
Bride’s Shoes: 60s Vintage Boutique, Kadıköy
Bride’s Veil: Custom Made
Cake: DIY