How to…Make Your Own Fabric Flower Bouquet (Tutorial by Josephine Sicad)

After featuring Josephine & Radney’s incredibly gorgeous and eclectic DIY wedding last week I was inundated with emails from you lot about the bride’s gorgeous DIY fabric flower bouquet. So I asked the lovely Josephine very nicely if she’d be so kind as to write a little tutorial for you. She was more than thrilled to oblige!

I’d love to see some more Rock n Roll Brides rocking down the aisle with one of these babies! Huge thanks to Josephine for working on this feature with me.

♥  ♥  ♥

The moment I started planning what to have for my wedding bouquet, I had already envisioned that it would be a little bit quirky. I was inspired by the vintage brooch bouquets I had seen a lot on Rock n Roll Bride. However, I didn’t have much budget to buy lots of new brooches. Luckily for me I came across a store that sold everything “3 for $10” and they sold lots of vintage style necklaces! I grew goosebumps when I saw the vintagey necklaces with beads and fabric flowers on them. so I then thought “why not detach the fabric flowers to form my very own wedding bouquet?!”

It was really quick and easy to make.


Fabric flowers & assorted flower hair-clips (I would have loved fresh flowers but I wanted to have something I could keep forever)
Cotton twine
A few scraps of wool
An egg beater/whisk (as you can imagine, it was such a ‘light-bulb’ moment when I thought of using it for the stem!)

Step 1:
Hold on to the whisk as shown on the image and with a little force, try to deform it into a oval/circular shape. You can use tiny wires or something to tie on the criss-cross parts to keep them stay in shape if you need to.

Step 2:
Stuff the scraps of wool inside in whisk. This will help form the shape of the bouquet.

Step 3:
Can you believe you’re almost done? I told you it was easy!
Detach the flowers from the necklaces and attach them to pins/hair clips then start clipping them and the assorted hair clips onto the whistk until you’ve covered all of the wool area to form the bouquet – go mad and be creative! I enjoyed this part so much,

You can pin/use wire to attach the flowers without clips on onto the curves of the whisk (not really to the wool directly as the wool only helps forming the whole shape.)

Step 4:
Cut off a fair length of the cotton twine and wrap it around the egg beater stem to cover the metal.

And then…voila! You’re done!

Hope you’ll enjoy making your own pretty bouquet soon!

Tutorial & Photography by Josephine Sicad


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I have been working on my own felt flower bouquet but have been struggling with how to attach them all together. The egg beater idea is pure genius! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. LOV Love love this. The creativity and simplicity are just marvelous. I will be passing this on to the many brides I work with. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jo thanks for giving me the whisk idea!

    I’m making a bead and button bouquet and couldn’t figure out how to get my polystyrene ball to stay in place! Ta Da put it in a whisk!!!

    Kat you rock!

  4. RachyLou

    Thanks for this!
    I made one of these but instead of wool in the middle of the whisk, i used one of those scrunchy shower puff thingies- it worked well! 🙂

  5. Jennifer

    I wish I’d done this. I spent so much on my flower bouquet and after a few hours, it was bruised, brown, wilted and totally…sad. I will be sure to pass this on to my friends that are brides-to-be!

  6. Jess

    Hi Jo,

    I was just wondering what type of pins or hair clips you used. Were they just straight bobby pins?

  7. Magnetra

    Thank you for putting this on here! I am making my flowers for my wedding all out of fabric and couldn’t figure out how to put them together to work as a boquet for my bridesmaids and I. This is perfect!!!!

  8. CoR

    🙂 wow very inspiring! thank you for teaching us how to do it. i’m getting married in November and plan to DIY my entourage bouquet (and mine) 😀 this is great! yay!

  9. Margie

    I LOVE this idea but I can’t find wool!! Is batting or fleece a good alternative? If so which one?? Thank you!!

  10. Thanks for the inspiration! I got married last summer and ended up making all my wedding bouquets: one for myself, 7 for bridesmaids and one to toss. It was such a fun project and made great keepsakes for my bridesmaids.

  11. Lari

    I love it!!!
    I’ll try to do one for me. How many flowers you think you used?


  12. YES! Thank you thank you thank you! I was stressing on how to make flowers for everyone (two weeks before the wedding, thank you very much) and this is such a LIFESAVER!!! Any tips for making the guys flowers? 🙂

  13. Ashley

    Thank you for the whisk idea! I have been going nuts trying to figure out how to make the “stem” for my fabric bouquets. This is perfect!

  14. maria

    what kind of hair pins did you use? i guess the smaller the better…the ones i tried using have a big head that you can see…

  15. heather

    I have been wanting to do a burlap of different colors. I have found tons on how to make the flowers themselves but not the bouquet! This is great!! I have the same question about the hairpins? What kind did you use and how exactly are you attaching it to the flower? glue? Thanks again!!!! this is awesome

  16. Katie

    I was wondering how many fabric flowers you used for the bouquet. I am trying to put together a number of how many fabric flowers I need to make.


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