Paper People

September 17, 2010

Jesse & Susan’s minimalist, stark paper & industrial themed engagement shoot makes me heart go a-flutter. Mainly because it’s so different to anything I’ve seen before. It’s almost avant garde in it’s simplistic randomness and I just adore it.

“The paper people was something I had wanted to do for a really long time” photographer & creative genius Duston Todd told me. “It just took the right couple and timing. Luckily Susan is an award winning designer, made her own vintage wedding dress and was able to put her talents to good use and help create the life sized paper outfits. We started out stiff and clean with the paper, then the couple suggested to rough it up and have fun – and I feel that is where some of the best work came out.”

“As for the industrial bit, I always encourage the couple to make the sessions about them. After all, the shoot is about them, it’s their images that they’ll be hanging on their walls of their home. So I always ask a couple to give me a direction they want to take it. A collaborative effort of sorts, once I get the direction they want to take it – I’ll run with it. In this case they wanted industrial. They had brought along vintage clothes to kick it off and I found some Salt Lake gems for the setting.”

Thanks to Duston for sharing these today

Photography Credit: Duston Todd Photography