Lisa & Tyrone’s Windy Wedding

Lisa & Tyrone got married on the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa. Their bridesmaid and photographer, Jacki Bruniquel, told me the whole story. “Their wedding was a day of such love and celebration. Lis not just my sister she is one of my best friends and Ty is not just my brother in law he has been in the best friend category for long time now. Tyrone happens to be a really good photographer as well! I love them both to absolute bits and pieces and really wish i could just do their whole day all over again.”

Lisa had her little velvet red pump shoes made especially for her as she is a strict vegetarian. Her cute fifties inspired dress and gorgeous orchid bird cage veil were made by Katherine Kidger, a very funky designer based in Durban.

The ceremony tool place on the beach but as Jacki was a bridesmaid she didn’t photograph this part of the day. “Ty & Lis had very specific ideas for the reception,” Jacki continued. “We collected tins and slipped plants forever to make the succulent pot plants which were given away to guests as gifts! Ty’s Mom made what seemed like a gazillion origami birds. Ty is a great graphic designer as well as a photographer and he designed all the menus, seating plans, invites etc. My Mom needs a huge pat on the back for all her hard work as she made all the table runners and so on.”

Finally, the couple and Jacki headed out for some funky wedding day portraits (these are my favourite shots of the day!) “For their creative shoot we had originally planned to do a vintage beach shoot with funky beach umbrella, beach ball and deckchairs but with the wind Lis wanted to get straight off the beach because it was so windy. I convinced them to do a few shots with the umbrella as i just knew it would get absolutely bashed by the wind. These pics really do capture the reality of the day! From the beach we went back to the reception venue and i found this green wall at the back of the establishment which was wind free and really made Lisa’s shoes and red lippy!”

Thank you to Jacki for sharing Lisa & Tyrone’s cool wedding with us today!

Photography Credit: Jacki Bruniquel
Bride’s Dress & Veil: Katherine Kidger
Bride’s Shoes: Custom Made
Groom’s Hat: Brixton ltd number
Groom’s Trousers: Ben Sherman
Groom’s Shoes: Aldo
Groom’s Shirt: Kingsley Heath
Groom/Groomsmen’s Brooch: Holmes Brothers


  1. Ingrid

    Was so blown away by the wedding pics when I first saw them – this is the answer to the modern girls’ white wedding woes! Wonderful, wonderful.

    I hope all involved are willing to travel to Cape Town for my nuptials. I’ll get back to just as soon as I find a mate 😉

    Well done!

  2. Liz Brown

    What an absolutely stunning wedding. The photos are amazing and the bride and groom look completely in love. I think the whole thing is dazzling.

  3. Kirsty M

    What great photos! It looks like they really captured the feel of the wedding. Well done Jacqui.

  4. Renee Petrelis

    Jacki – you absolutely amaze me every single time I see your pics! Congrats – you are fantastic.

  5. WOW – I love these photos and the outfits worn by the bride and groom. I am getting married in April next year and the theme I have chosen is very non traditional. I have had some negative comments made to me about not having a traditional type wedding, so its lovely to see that there are other people out there who opt for something a little different.

  6. anderson

    This is one of the chic and trendy wedding photos I have ever seen! I definitely will share with my friends on such awesome photos for their reference! This is exactly what wedding photos need to be…

  7. Dani Harding

    the most beautiful thing about these photos and the entire wedding, is that without a doubt, it captured the personalities of these beautiful people! I have never before seen photos or a wedding concept that portrayed the bride and groom so accurately!

  8. Cathy

    Jacki you have caught on ‘film’ the feelings and emotions shared by Lisa & Tyrone and that is a very special skill that you utilize every time you photograph people. It is a unique talent and you are very blessed! These pictures show the very real journey of a beach wedding on a windy day – no fakeness here! I love them….

  9. Tyrone

    Being a photographer it’s always strange when in front of the lens but when in the hands of a superstar it makes it a lot easier. Jax, you made us look as hot as we are, haha. Still I’m nowhere near as hot as my adorable commonly red lipped wife. Thanks for the memories Jax. You’re a blessing of a sister 😉 and I’m lucky to have lisa’s hand. Love you chickpea!

  10. Cara

    Jacki has to be the very best wedding photographer on the planet! She ALWAYS captures the essence of the wedding, be it formal or funky, spectacular or simple. This really showcases the aspect most dear to the couple, whether they’re aware or unaware of it. Her subjects always look ‘themselves’ like they’re perfectly relaxed even though they’re being photographed on their wedding day (lots of attention, eeek!)
    Jacki, I am so thankful you allow your talent with photography to be used for weddings. Its such a special day for some and you capture the day so perfectly! Awesome! I love it when I see people, particularly South African people, making a success of their talents. It makes ME feel inspired to walk on sunshine and use my talents with gusto too!! x x

  11. Wow. We waited long enough but these photos are fantastic! Well done girls, I am proud of you both. Welcome to the family Ty! Now you will go completely bonkers!!!


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