Angie & Jordy’s Musical, Heavily Tattooed, Central Park Wedding

Central Park played host to Angie and Jordy’s wedding. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, the couple chose New York to get married in because it was the first place they travelled to together, “It just seemed like the ideal location for us” Angie told me. “We wanted to see more Broadway shows and catch a Yankee’s game.  No to mention many of our guests had never been and who doesn’t want to visit New York?”

Central Park was the perfect location for them because they wanted to have an outdoor wedding, “We did research online and through the Central Park website I found our wedding planner Julie Lindenman (I Do New York) who organized the ceremony for us,” she continued. “We looked at different locations within the park but loved the rustic look of the Cop Cot area.  We also liked that it had seating for everyone as our group was small (only 25 people).  We had a cellist who was originally supposed to play our 3 songs but we were so grateful he played the entire 45 minutes while we were waiting for my mother to get there.”

Music was really important to the couple. The prosessional music was Child of Mine by Guns n’ Roses, Angie walked down the aisle to All I Want is You by U2 and the couple walked out to Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. 

Huge thanks to photographer Sharon and Angie & Jordy for sharing these with us

Photo Credit: Sharon Bushman Photography
Venue: Cop Cot in Central Park
Planner: Julie Lindenman (I Do New York) 
Bride’s Dress: BCBG (red buttons & ribbon added)
Bridesmaid Dress: Laura
Bride & Bridesmaid Shoes: Joneve
Jewellery: Hilary Druxman line at Magpie Jewellers
Hair/Make Up: Julia Dalton-Brush
Rings: Dixon Jewellers
Groom/Groomsmen Outfits: Ragtime Vintage Clothing


  1. OMG – This has just made me even more super excited for my own Central Park wedding in November! We had originally looked at Cop Cot as, like this couple, I loved the rustic look of it, but one wedding planner (who we didn’t go with in the end) told us it was just a hangout for old men to drink and play checkers!! It so isn’t by the look of those gorgeous photos – it looks beautiful!!
    The bride has the most fabulous figure – how toned are her arms! I love the feel of these photos especially the ones of them having a moment on the stairs as it looks so natural and caught by accident. I’m curious if the colour scheme of red was deliberate to match so well with the amazing tattoo on her back as it totally does?
    Lovely photos and, in my unbiased opinion, a GREAT location!!

  2. Jordy

    Angie was breathtaking that day, all eyes and cameras were on her where ever we went. She was so memorable that walking the streets of NYC the next day some of the street vendors asked her why she wasn’t dressed up again.

    Small follow-up … we neglected to mention our phenomenally talented tattoo artist Richard Morrissette.

  3. Luna

    Even my fiance said wow when i showed him these pics and its hard to get him to pay attention to anything!

  4. These photos are cool as hell. The colourful tattoos really add a lot to the wedding. Her backpiece and his sleeve look really good and her backpiece really compliments her dress. Gorgeous!


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