An Outrageous Punk Rock Engagement Sesh.

Woo! Another true Rock n Roll Bride couple. Rachel & Dale wanted a really punk rock engagement shoot complete with heavy make up (for both of them) outrageous hair and vintage clothes, and after they saw Shelly of Toast of Leeds featured on Rock n Roll Bride they knew she was the lady for the job!

Be sure to check out the video after the ‘jump’ too!

The couple are getting married at the Kirkstall Abbey Ruins in Leeds – at night – with dry ice and super theatrical lighting to boost…hello? Doesn’t that sound AMAZING!

ps I’ve decided I need to come up with a cute name for my true Rock n Roll Brides – you know, you guys who find all your awesome wedding inspiration and suppliers on the site. Answers on a virtual postcard (ie in the comment section) please!

Huge thanks to Shelly and everyone involved in this shoot for sharing these today.

Credit: Toast of Leeds

Rachel & Dale Punk Shoot from Shelly Mantovani on Vimeo.

Make Up: Lucy at Daft as a Make up Brush
Hair: Sarah at Vision
Video: Broken Doll Pictures


  1. How about ‘rockets/rockettes’ – as most of the people on here do have a wee bit of the space cadet about them (in the nicest most complimentary way possible!) It’s what makes the weddings and engagement shoots so rock n roll and out there!

  2. Rachel

    Oh my god…..squealing going on here!! Shelly did such a fantastic job with our photos, love that gal!! Thanks for showing us off so well Kat, you rock even more now! x

  3. Hel (Broken Doll Pictures)

    This day was Big Fun! Rachel & Dale are so adorable together. They totally rock and I had a blast filming them.

    Thanks to everyone! H.x.

    PS – Hmmm, hows about “Rock-a-babies” or “Rock-a-phants” or “Kat’s Radicals”?

  4. Whey hey! Cheers Kat for featuring Rachel and Dale. Don’t they look good together?

    So bloody lovely to have my work on Rock n Roll Bride again – I shall now go and celebrate with a small tincture of some variety!


  5. Dale

    Ha-ha bloody hell, these are amazing. What a day.

    Rachel you are beautiful, Shelly you are a genius, Lucy you made me look so cool, Hel you’re a star (still waiting for my water!!!) Kat you rock for showing people there is another way.

  6. Wow, …just wow! This looks COOL with C.O.O.L. all in block capitals!
    Shelly and Hel, well done to you both.

    …oh and a name idea… how about “Bridemazing(s)”, “Rock’n’markable(s)”, or simply… “Kat’s pajamas” (lol 😉

  7. Popsickl

    LOVE what you kids are doing..

    it’s just amazin, makes my (our) special day (35 years ago) look bland. yes we are still together!!!! and lovin it.

    Best wishes and Good Luck to you all.

    Rock on


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