A Whimsical, Dreamy & Vintage Engagement

Edgy, retro, stylised. Athena & Branden’s gorgeous vintage toned engagement session took place in San Francisco. They used a red balloon, a vintage suitcase, a fabulous old car, a deserted barn and wildflowers to create this really whimsical, dreamy setting and overall look.

Thanks to Christina for sharing these today

Credit: Nightingale Photography


  1. arlene

    the pictures captured here are just thee best i have seen. i love the dream aspect to them. wish my wedding ones could be he same!!xx

  2. Susan E.

    Blown away by the pics. Looks like they all had lots of fun. Like others I only wish my pics where this good.

  3. Athena

    We had so much fun doing them Christina @ Nightingale photography is Amazing!!!!

  4. jenny M

    I love thesephotos. I’m trying to find great places in san Fransisco for my engagement phtotos. Do you mind telling me where these were shot at? PLEASE !!


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