A Spider Ring, A Diamond Skull & Empire State Building Shoes

I think the phrase ‘off the hook’ was invented for engagement sessions like this. Danielle & Ed have such amazing style! First up her ring is a custom made creation by Greenlake Jewelry Works…and it’s a spider! The heart diamond in the ring actually belonged to Danielle’s Grandmother.

Secondly her shoes are in the design of The Empire State Building (wow!) by Geox and thirdly they have a crystal encrusted skull lamp that they found unadorned in a vintage shop. Danielle & Ed added all the sparkles themselves…I  love it. In fact I want one!

The couple are getting married in August and are having a Marie Antoinette theme – now that’s a wedding I’m going to want to see

ps isn’t their house just fabulous!?!?

Thanks to Danielle & Ed and their photographer Barbie for sharing this session today

Credit: Barbie Hull Photography


  1. Barbie…you are so awesome! What a fun couple and great engagement session! LOVE the mustache and lips! (somehow it looks familiar….hmmm…haha!). Great job! I can hardly wait to see their wedding…I’m sure it’s going to be a blast!

  2. Rachelle

    Yay! This is great! So excited for the big day, only a couple of weeks away! xoxo

  3. Oh man oh man oh man. Someone please tell me where those shoes are from! They would be absolutely spot-on totally perfect for my New York wedding!

  4. Eve

    skulls and moustaches! fabulous. people joke i should have skulls at my wedding seeing as i have so much skull jewellery.. i think this shoot proves skulls can be pretty too!


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