Simply Perfect

Tommy & Meredith are so damn cute n cool that it hurts! I am dying over their simple but perfect engagement session and their matching red and black checks are way-too-adorable. Both artists, it was obvious that they’d have to do something super creative for their engagement session. It just so fun and natural!

Be sure to check out the fabulous ‘behind-the-scenes’ video after the ‘jump’

Thanks to Ben for sharing these today

Tommy and Meredith: BTS from ben sasso on Vimeo.

Credit: Ben Sasso Photography


  1. I NEVER comment on pictures. I come to this site religiously, everyday, but as more of a stalker and less of a participant.
    Of any photo sessions, wedding, engagement or otherwise, that I have seen, this has to be my absolute favorite ever featured.
    There are no ‘solemn’ shots. It simply looks like SO MUCH FUN was had by the two of them. It actually looks like they couldn’t stop laughing at each other, or themselves. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the genuine love and fun of this shoot!!

  2. Post author

    thanks for your great comment fran! and I wish you would comment more…its nice to know you’re out there and liking what im sharing!

  3. OMILORD! I lovelovelove Rock ‘n Roll Bride, and now here I see pictures from Ben Sasso! He is the bomb. I love these pics, fo’ sho.

  4. Meredith

    Just wanted to comment to thank you all for your sweet support of our photos! Our dear friend, Ben Sasso, pleased us beyond belief and we could not be happier! If anyone is looking for a photographer, we highly recommend him!! You won’t be disappointed!

    Thanks again!
    Tommy & Meredith


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