“Marilyn! Marilyn!”

Rebecca’s retro taxi session is so marilyn! In fact while they were shooting people were driving past honking their horns and shouting “Marilyn! Marilyn!”

She wore a dress from a five & dime store (I don’t know what this is…we don’t have these in Londontown) and she made her own gorgeous hairpiece.

Thanks to Christina for sharing these inspiring images

Credit: Made You Look Studios


  1. Post author

    Hi LB, Im afraid Christina (the photographer) didnt know where the shoes were from
    Alison – thaaanks!


    Thanks everyone for the support and interest! Yes the dress is vintage (from a second hand store in Hollywood). The shoes are actually Jessica Simpson, I just loved the color and shape of them!

  3. Nancy

    Correction. A Five and Dime was a store like Newberrys, Woolworth, Ben Franklin, Sprouse Reitz. They carried a bit of everything and were great for Christmas shopping as they were inexpensive. Sam Walton started out with Ben Franklin and then built his empire based on that concept. They were probably somewhere between todays DollarTree and Walmart.

    Five and Dime Stores = Dime Stores, Variety Stores.

  4. thanks so much kat for the feature!! seriously i could be the happiest girl alive right now! your blog is the best in the land! it is so inspiring!:) cheers!


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