A Rock n Roll Night Out

I love meeting people. I love gossipping, chatting and planning new ideas and projects. About every 6 months I try to organise a little get together for a few people I know. They have been great so far for getting people together to not only meet for the first time but to put some time aside to catch up with old friends. The latest meet, last Tuesday was the most successful one yet! There was a huge turn out (considering last time there were about 5 of us!) and the whole night flew by way too quickly!

Eliza Claire took some photographs on the night and I wanted to share a few with you. Fun fun fun! Until next time…

Rock n Roll Bride – Blogger
David McNeil  – Photographer
Caught the Light – Photographer
Marianne Taylor – Photographer
Suzanna Hauru – Photographer
Jodie Chapman – Photographer
Julia Boggio – Photographer
Rosie Parsons – Photographer
Vintage Tea Sets – Vintate Crockery Hire
Edward Tyler – Photographer
Eliza Claire – Photographer
Dean Kaden – Photographer
Annamarie Stepney – Photographer
Chanelle Segerius Bruce – Photographer
Eric Nathan – Photographer
Monica Dart – Photographer
Savoir Weddings – Wedding Planner
Wedding Smashers – Wedding DJ
London Bride – Blogger
Anna and the Ring – Blogger
Always Andri – Wedding Planner


  1. Great to see you all out having fun, what a nice little feature 🙂 What a total swine too that I live in the North East!!! We shall have to have a ‘Northern’ bash once David ups sticks!! 🙂
    A xXx

  2. It was a really good evening-thanks again, Kat.

    I love my awestruck ‘this is Marianne Taylor’ face! She’s just as cool as her photos!

  3. Do you have to be a wedding photographer to get involved? Im just a mere portrait photographer and don’t have any uber cool groups of peeps to hang out with and chat about projects and stuff 🙁

  4. So gutted I couldn’t make this one – but I did have a very good excuse – I’m on holiday thousands of miles away! Will deffo be at the next one. xxx

  5. It was another great night, lovely meeting some new faces too, as always wished I could’ve had more time to chat to everyone, look forward to next time- thanks Kat x


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