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There is something so endearing and glamorous about a Central London wedding. I fell in love with Lia & Gerard’s portraits and soon as I saw them – which just proves how fab photographer Chloe Browne is as the couple only allowed 5 minutes for photographs. They didn’t want any family formals either! The whole day was really laid back, relaxed and chilled with a great party atmosphere. 

“I was so excited to photograph Lia & Gerald at the Haymarket Hotel in London for their wedding in March” Chloe told me. “They were my first couple who weren’t keen on spending time on portraits, so I had to persuade them gently to come outside with me for a few minutes. It was still freezing cold, but I managed to convince them to spend 3 minutes with me outside on the street-I really wanted their photos to reflect that they got married in Central London. We then dipped downstairs to the pool room for a couple of photos before I let them get back to the party.
Their style was so timeless, I wanted to have a few frames that felt like they were from the Rat Pack era-I hope the black and whites have that kind of feel. They were so cool to photograph-I loved every one of our five minutes!”

Thanks to Chloe for sharing these gorgeous images with us

Credit: Caught the Light


  1. Jonas

    Cool-what a chic wedding they had. I like the depth to the photography too, nice for a British photographer.

  2. jasmin Browne

    Love the black and white photos, especially the ones of them walking along the road. They look so happy and in love.

  3. Nancy Browne

    what an elegant affair, great lighting with a glint of ‘rat pack’ style and
    Audrey Hepburn class. What beautiful smiling eyes, you can see the groom adores his bride. Its amazing that a photo can tell so much, great work

  4. Sarah

    Does anyone know where the bride got her dress? It is so pretty! That’s exactly what I want!

  5. Ruby

    So chic! I love her hair and his style is understated cool. Nice photos, I wish we were getting married agan!

  6. Thanks all-it was a very stylish wedding to photograph.

    Sarah-her dress is from Coast and she personalised it with a sash and vintage brooch. It was absolutely perfect.

  7. What an elegant couple. I think the style of photography totally enhances who they are and I think that they’ll be able to look at these pictures 10 years from now and adore them as Chloe seems to have frozen them in the most stylish, coolest time capsule. The Black and White shots are very glamorous indeed.

  8. Katrina

    Really like the style of this wedding, in particular the close ups and flag pictures.
    Look forward to more photos from Caught the light absolutely beautiful.

  9. Daisy White

    Wow, these are wonderful! They are having so much fun and I bet you are so glad you were there. How fortunate to have such a beautiful bright day in March too!

  10. Stella

    Wow! I can’t believe a gorgeous couple like this didn’t want to be photographed more! Srsly, they both are super attractive! Nice change from some of the camwhores out there. lol.

    The pictures came out suuuuper good! I love this shoot!!!


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