Edward Scissorhands ‘Winter in Summer’ Wedding

I am so flippin’ excited to share this wedding today. It’s like looking in a wedding mirror – if I’d known about all the fabulous alternative weddingy goodness that’s out there when we were getting married I reckon our wedding would certainly have shared many design elements with Karri & Ian’s big day.

The pair were married in the Botanical Gardens at the St. Regis Resort in Laguna Beach, California. Karri envisioned a dark and whimsical “winter in summer” wedding, inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands. Karri & Ian told me all about their inspirational day.


“One night I was watching my favorite romance movie, Edward Scissorhands” Karri began “and something magical occurred to me. How amazing would it be to have a winter in summer wedding! I was suddenly seeing snow, ice sculptures and ice blue colors. The love story of E.S. was dark and whimsical which is how I always saw my special day. My best friend and maid of honor eventually introduced me to the pattern, “damask” which further inspired me to incorporate the design into the “winter blue” theme I had in mind.”

“My wedding planner, Kimberly Bradford introduced me to Square Root’s Alex Amidi who was with me all the way in designing the decor. I wanted dead black trees, he found me manzanitas and spray painted them black, I wanted icicles, he hung crystals from the trees, I wanted damask and blue, he nailed it. Whenever people ask me to describe my wedding I always say, Edward Scissorhands meets Martha Stewart and they dance to the sound of The Beatles at sunset in a blue damask winter wonderland.”

Karri walked down the aisle in a Simone Carvalli dress, a veil from Artikal Handcrafted Millinery, shoes from Betsey Johnson and Hello Kitty Jewellery by Tarina Tarantino to the theme song of E.S. Ice Dance. Her bridesmaids looks quite the goth princesses in their Stop Staring Dresses and YJ Design veils.

Karri finished by telling me all you brides need to listen to! “Not all wedding days are perfect but It didn’t even matter that my cake’s fondant was imploding or that my hair literally actually weighed 10 lbs, or that my boobs almost fell out of my dress, I was marrying the man I loved. And this man will always be the Edward to my Bella, the Harry to my Ginny and the Ian to my Karri.”

Thanks to photographer Dina and to Karri & Ian for sharing their magical day with us

Credit: Andrena Photography


  1. This is stunning! I love all the elements of it. I love the fun that Hello Kitty brings, the elegance of the damask, the bright blue, the crystals…it all looks amazing!

  2. Az

    Superb Wedding Photography with plenty of Attitude…hat’s of to the photographer.

  3. Oh my! Those shoes! Those white flowers on the black chair! That shot of all the girls round the piano! Just…unbelievable. Possibly my favourite wedding ever.

  4. This is so very cool! Love the group shot, and everything about this wedding is so damn sexy – they look fab. The detail photos are amazing too. And the crying ones… lovely.
    Claire x

  5. Gessenia

    Karri and Ian’s wedding couldn’t be more gorgeous! Lovely to see all the pictures and Karri’s excitement through them.

  6. kelly

    I love this soooo much. especially the black pug since I want our black pug to be in our wedding this october and everyone thinks i’m nuts. 😉 one thing i’m confused about… in the photos of the wedding, where are all her tattoos? She has a bunch in one pic, and then in the rest they are gone?

  7. I was also confused about the tattoos at first but then I realized the tattooed chick was one of the bridesmaids (the one furthest to the left in the group photo by the piano). But they do look quite alike, don’t they? 😀 A sister or cousin, maybe?

  8. haha yeah they do look quite alike – both freakin’ haawt! I love how the bridesmaids are wearing the hello kitty jewellery too

  9. Ana

    Wow! Amazing!!! Loved everithing about this wedding!! Specially the bride’s hello kitty jewerlly 🙂 Love you blog Kat! 🙂

  10. Kat answered correctly. That bridesmaid — Alicia Simmons — is the wife of My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way, and her tats were just amazing. Such a great bridal party. Thanks so much, everyone, for all the great comments. I was at a shoot yesterday but kept checking to see what everyone had to say, so you all made my day. And Karri — the bride — is just loving all your great comments. 🙂 To Kat, so much love and thanks. 🙂

  11. Sue Nan

    I’m the photographer’s Mom. Dina’s a former punk rocker so she LOVED shooting this artistic and creative wedding! The details were too fabulous–checkered shoes, tatoos, Hello Kitty jewelry, the color scheme and that hair! Why can’t more weddings dare to be this original?

  12. kelly

    oh yes! ok now i realize…they look so much alike!! so beautiful… all of it…

  13. Caroline Chambers

    What a fabulous awesomely lovely wedding – amazing photos – beautiful people and just love love love the Hello Kitty touches.

  14. Natalie

    This was such a cute idea! i love the damask (I have curtains very similar) and the manzanita trees spray painted black. Very elegant! Although I didn’t really see Edward Scissorhands in the theme, it was gorgeous and very memorable! Well done!

  15. Julie

    love, love lurve this…..classy yet edgy at the same time!!
    This is sooooo the vibe i want for my big day.
    really beautiful….well done!!


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