Tattoo my Love

February 11, 2010

“Noel Mason is the man behind award winning Ink Tattoo Studio in Palmerston North, New Zealand and Denise Candy is the woman behind the man behind award winning Ink Tattoo Studio” Photographer Stephen told me.

“I first met Noel a couple of years back when I paid him to put holes in my body. Those holes have long since closed up, but Noel has become a good friend and is the guy responsible for the pretty drawings (kick-ass tattoos) that I wear proudly on my skin.”

“When Noel introduced me to Denise, it was pretty clear he thought he’d won the jackpot. Together, they make a wonderful, crazy couple, and I was honoured when Noel asked me to shoot his missus (with my camera, of course!) on their wedding day.”

“The night before the big day we all scooted over to Levin to see Dave Stevens at Electric Ink Studio for the tattooing of Noel n’ Denise’s wedding rings. Dave tattooed Noel. Noel tattooed Denise, and I winced like a little girl at the sight of the tattoo gun making its mark on their fingers. But the photos were uber cool, and there was definite anticipation in the air for the day to come.”


“9th January 2010 was a smokin’ hot summers day (pretty unusual for 9 Januarys in Palmerston North) and the Van der Haas Gardens was the perfect spot for an outdoor wedding.”

“The stunning creation worn by Denise on her big day was designed by Jacoba Wyeth. The bowler hats worn by Noel n’ the guys were designed by Trevor Lamb, and their cake was made by Fairytale Cakes.”

“Noel n’ Denise have a kooky fascination with skulls, and they turned up everywhere – before and during their big day. On the invitations, the guys ties, button holes, and on top of the cake.”

Thanks to Stephen for sharing this kick ass tattooed day with us