Tasteful, Elegant & Edgy Boudoir

Prompted by my own soiree  into the art as well as the fiery debate on the issue on Eastside Bride, I’ve been thinking about boudoir shoots a lot recently. So, it was almost certainly meant to be that I laid eyes on these perfect examples of tasteful boudoir on Kiss the Groom yesterday. Elegant, classy, edgy, ethereal and sexy all at the same time. Yes, I am definitely pro-boudoir…just as long as it’s done right.


Thanks to Elizabeth for allowing me to share these with you

Credit: Elizabeth Messina Photography / Kiss the Groom


  1. sure they can be. They’re tastefully shot (not slutty underwear or porn star poses) her dress and attire are totally elegant and she’s covered in kick ass edgy tattoos.


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