Peace & Love

This British boy and his American gal showed off their peace & love vibes in their shoot that took place to celebrate their marriage. The locations used are to die for, expecially the laundromat for with it’s kitsch retro flavour.


Thanks to Brent for sharing these with us

Credit: BVA Photo


  1. This couple and the photos are both absolutely gorgeous. The point of view in the photography is outstanding. Thank you for sharing such a great group of shots.

  2. faith

    wow! these shots are incredible, artistically and technically. the contrast in the b&w is perfection. i LOVE the couple and tree reflected in the water shots. the whole shoot is fantastic. well done BVA photo 🙂

  3. faith

    PS thanks to you too kat – your blog is my little ‘me-time’ daily treat to break the grind at work…

  4. I would never think that a laundry mat could make such a great location for a shoot…they totally rocked it! These all turned out fabulously!

  5. Amanda

    thanks so much rock ‘n roll bride for putting my husband and i on you’re site. 🙂 and thank you all for you’re lovely comments. 🙂


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