Dirt Bike, Tattoos and a Photo Shoot at Sunset

Oh Loni & Todd you are too damn awesome for your own good. Anyone that rocks out, in a desert, on a dirt bike…in a wedding dress is a-ok with me.


Thanks to Melissa for sharing these

Credit: Melissa McClure Photography


  1. these are stunning … not just a lil bit of stunning but a whole lot of stunning. I can honestly describe how much i love these. Maybe it’s the contrast in well everything that does it but they are wonderful!

  2. Loni

    thank you so much! It is so awesome to see our pictures on this site. Thank you Melissa for the amazing pictures we get to look at for the rest of our lives. You have a great talent! We had such a blast taking these photos, I dont think we stopped laughing once during the shoot.

  3. You definitely rocked it! It was an amazing afternoon! You look absolutely gorgeous.
    Melissa…you ROCKED it for sure!!!

  4. Jenn

    LOVE these pics Melissa!!! You rocked it for sure. Looked like such an awesome shoot with some pretty amazing models. GORGEOUS pics!!!!

  5. Grimace..

    That’s Famous Kid.. like back in Louisiana.. HOT. Keep shining.. lots of love.. .Grimace. ..

  6. Rachelle

    This shoot is so sexy!! I would love to do a photo shoot like this on my dirtbike with my partner. Really, your photography has set a new standard in wedding photos 🙂

  7. aleesha

    What a cool wedding!!
    haha, Shes a tripper. I love these shots!! desert, bikes, white dress :p haha, I love it =D sexy as!

  8. Amber

    I LOVE these pics!!! Sexy lady, sexy tattoos, awesome area, awesome theme incorporating dirt bike/gear and wedding!!!

  9. Alpinestarchik

    Im so jealous right now! This has been my dream wedding since I learned to ride. GORGEOUS! Excellent photography

  10. cheri

    How do I contact Loni for ideas? Ocotillo is where we ride, and this exactly what I want. swayed me away from a cruise wedding!

  11. Aww, I just love how you guys integrated the dirtbike gear into your photoshoot! It really shows a ton of personality and what you both obviously love a bunch!!

  12. Debbie

    I so love these, my boyfriend and I said when we get married we are doing it at the place we love to ride….you gave me such inspiration and will make our memories that much more amazing. Hope your love stays fresh and new for the rest of your lives. 🙂

  13. Loni

    Aleesha —- actually I am not a stripper not have I bet been I work for Orange County fire department . Thanks though


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