Loving. Vintage. Wonderland

November 1, 2009

I have literally died and gone to rockabilly wedding heaven. When Kelty sent me  Zach & Sara’s newlywed session I actually squealed with excitement! You’ll see why…


Who knew that the great frozen tundra to the north could be so welcoming?? Vancouver BC has been beckoning me since my old water polo days, so I leaped at the chance to visit for a session with newlyweds Sara and Zach. Justin and I hopped in his veggie oil truck, pointed North and set out on an adventure. After a delightful tour of their ‘hood, Sara and Zach opened their doors to the eclectic, vintage, and cozy apartment they call home. Their collections included panther figurines, velvet paintings, masks, ceramic animals and bullfighters, a huge wall of records, and some sweet classic furniture. Being a tchotchke-lover and clutterer myself, I was in heaven. I wisely decided to pass on seeing Sara’s closet for fear I’d want to live inside…. She’s a crafter and makes all sorts of lovely goodies including these orange floral couch pillows. Zach put a couple of his Spectres records (his band!) on while we lounged…I would’ve been happy shooting the entire day right there in the living room!

Thanks for sharing these with me Kelty…woooo!

Credit: Steep Street

ps today is your last chance to vote for your favourites to win the Love Me Do Photo contest. We have had over 25,000 votes in just under a week which is absolutely amazing!!! (in fact so many votes that the graph is being slow to update – don’t worry if your vote isn’t showing up right away, I can see all the votes from my end) I can not wait to see who wins..eeek!