The Blue Dress Bride

I’m excited…oh yes I am! The stunning  images of this ridiculous Zhanel dress winged it’s way to me from Australia. Have you ever seen a dress so lustrous and awesome? L.O.V.E!


Vanessa of  Wildberry Design & Studio has shot a lot of gorgeous brides in a variety of rainbow dresses…I can not wait to share them all with you soon!

Uber massive thanks to Vanessa & Penny for sharing all their gorgeousness with me..I can not WAIT to share more of their weddings/brides with you…hello amazing dresses!

ps the posts will be light this weekend as I am off to visit Gareth’s family up North. Don’t forget to enter the contest – you have until Sunday to get your entries in!

Credit: Wildberry Design & Studio Wedding Planning: PS I Love You


  1. Post author

    Sorry about that everyone. I am currently somewhere on the m60 but as soon as I get home I will fix the huge ass images

  2. Penny

    oh Kat it looks SENSATIONAL thanks so much. This dress is seriously amazing it’s my favourite. Enjoy up north lady of rock & Roll.


  3. These pics are amazing. Vanessa is an incredible photographer – have used her for numerous shoots and poses she gets brides to do are brilliant. What you can see on the day may look great, but when Vanessa weaves her magic – well spectacular as you can see!


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