Pin Up’s, Croquet & Converse

Oh how I adore Sloan Photographers. I really really do. I say that a lot and about a lot of people but come on…these are way too amazing for words!

As soon as I saw Tiphany & Jamie’s wedding I was right on to getting these bad boys featured on Rock n Roll Bride. Lucky for me (and you!) the guys were ever so happy to oblige and here we have it. What I love the most is that the bride in in yellow Converse! No uncomfortable shoes for her. If this isn’t rock n roll then quite frankly I don’t know what is.


ps Word on the street is that Matt & Angie have just shot an engagement shoot with a fuschia haired bride. Eeek I can’t wait to see those!

Thanks for sharing these Matt & Angie. You are the best!

Credit: Sloan Photographers


  1. Tiphany

    aww Thanks so much for sharing our wedding. It was an amazing day filled with PBR and awesomeness!!!

  2. Tiphany

    Oh ya! I got it at Pricilla of Boston in SF… It’s a Melissa Sweet Reverie collection… And it has pockets!!!

  3. Silvia

    lzMHH8 I am always excited to visit this blog in the evenings.Please churning hold the contents. It is very entertaining.


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