Oozing Cool

September 28, 2009

Remember the crazy cool engagements of this rock n roll royalty couple? Well Grace & Alec only went and had themselves and equally cool downtown Detroit wedding. Certainly a super stylish, super awesome wedding!


Thanks to the lovely Melissa for sending these my way

Credit: A Girl In Love Photography 


  1. Anne

    I think this is now my favourite wedding of all the times! I love everything about it: the colour of the dress, the games (but if I may…it’s bocce, not boccie), the herbs, the setting, the eco-consciousness of it all… May I have your wedding, please?

  2. I love how DIY this wedding is. And so wonderful to hear how the B&G wanted to cut down on waste. I love the selection of cakes too and the handmade dresses…wow, that impressive! looks like such a fun day! Congrats! 😀


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