The City Of London

Find your photographer through Rock n Roll Bride then it’s pretty much a given that I’m going to totally love your wedding and wedding photography! That’s exactly what Carolyn & Marc did and yep, I was right – stunning!

The couple got married right in the centre of London – ‘The City’ as it’s known. I love this part of town. My Dad works around here so I have fond memories of visiting him at his office when I was younger, marvelling at the huge and modern nature of landmarks like The Gherkin and The Lloyds Building vs. the ornate detail of the indoor Leadenhall Market (where Carolyn & Marc had their reception.) I remember my Dad once taking me into on of the bars in this area which to a 15 year old kid was very exciting!

Be sure to head over to Marianne’s blog for a much larger selection of images from this day!

Thanks to Marianne for sending these to me and stay tuned for yet another amazing wedding – photographer sourced from this very site – later!

ps yes there are about a million images in the post but you will forgive me once you check them out!

Credit: Marianne Taylor Photography


  1. Rhianne

    I forgive you, these are stunning. I love the city too! The ones on the tube and infront of the Gherkin are amazing!

  2. Jeeeez we’re on Rock’n’Roll Bride!! 🙂
    Indeed we spent quite some time going through your great site and blog for inspiration in all things wedding, and ended up finding Marianne through here!
    So thanks a lot Kat for this your blog is awesome and inspiring (I still wonder how you manage to find the time to be so interesting, you blogged in one day what I did in a year haha! 😀 And a big toast to Marianne, she’s a star!!


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