‘Nobody Can Be Uncheered By A Balloon’

August 5, 2009

I received the cutest and most excitable submission I have ever had the other day. Josephine Sicad is a Filipino girl living in Singapore who is just tipping her toes into the world of photography and where better to start that by shoot her and her (then) fiance’s engagement shoot (or pre nup as they call it over there.)
I’m sure she won’t mind but I have to share some of her excitement right here, just so you get the emotion behind the lens:
While browsing through your site, I get so giggly to share my own set,too. I happen to be my own photographer (the tripod-remote-timer-way) for my own engagement sessions. Teehee! Which is why I am just giggling to share it,too. My idea was a touch of vintagey and rustic feel to it which I always love love love. We did our photoshoots randomly to places we find great backdrops (the park and some rustic places) here in Singapore and yes, including my own bike. Weeehhh! I wanted it to be simple and yet so FULL of LOVE. We had these shots taken around June, while we just got happily married last July 28 and I am still working on my edits Hahaha. Sadly, I couldn’t be my own photographer for my wedding, you know I wish I could. Hahaha But I had amazing friends who helped me capture all the wonderful moments,too as it was just a 9 people wedding in fact. =)

I love these for the cute, playful joy – the experimentation of a new photographer finding her feet is totally alluring. Josephine even gives each image it’s only little intro – my favourite has got to be ‘Nobody Can Be Uncheered By A Balloon’ Check out her flickr for more.

I know there are great things ahead for the delightful Josephine and I can’t wait to see more of it!

Credit: Josephine Sicad Photography