One Damn Cool Wedding

That is the only way I can describe this wedding. I am swooning as I type away. Jenny & Johnny are way too stylish and way too cool, their hair ROCKS (I wish I had the balls for a cut like Jenny’s – mohawks are hot!) and of course their tattoos look awesome (Jenny is a hairdresser and Johnny is a tattoo artist, can you tell!?) 

In fact I don’t think their is anything I don’t like about this wedding – Jenny’s vintage dress = gorgeous, the flower girl = cute (dress from etsy) the ring ninja (oh yes, no ring bearers here) = beyond wicked.  One of my favourite details had got to be their unique guest ‘book’, an original piece art work designed by Johnny of the two of them, that each guest signed.

The couple tied the knot in Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids. There had never been a wedding held here before as it is usually used for concerts and festivals in the summer and as an ice rink in winter.

For more, be sure to check out photographer Jill’s blog and the couple’s slideshow

eeek! Thank you so much to Jill for sending me these, you have made my month!

Credit: Jill Devries


  1. Wow this really is sooo damn cool! I love how much it reflected their personal style. My boyfriend and I are always saying that of all the days, this is the one to be yourself. I’m going to remember this couple when it comes time to plan my wedding.

  2. Heather

    Love, love, LOVE this wedding!!!! I’ve been trying to find an “updo” that isn’t a typical bridal style & will show-off my rock edge, and Jenny’s faux hawk is amazing!! I would love to see a picture of her hair when it’s down, I’m curious as to how long it is?

  3. Amy

    kinda random, but the pastor is Rob Bell! One of my favorite authors and speakers. ha. very cool.


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