Desperate Housewife?

These are too gorgeous for words. I am c-c-crazy about this sexy 1960’s ‘desperate housewife’ inspired engagement shoot from Ryan of RCJones Photography. The glasses in particular are so super sexy!

The couple also starred in an equally gorgeous modern day shoot, so be sure to head over to Ryan’s blog to check that one out too! 

Credit: RCJones Photography


  1. Zach Morris

    These photos are so ridiculously good it is Unreal. The texture, the angles, the shades. And the couple in the shots have to be the coolest looking Bride and groom I have ever seen! Kelly and I have a long way to go before our wedding shots look this good~Kudos to all involved on this one!!

  2. Lisa Carrillo

    I think these photos are inspired more by Mad Men, than Desperate Housewives. Nevertheless, they’re breathtaking!


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