Classy & Elegant/Childlike & Playful

There is something about this wedding that is not only classy and elegant but childlike and playful…what a great combo!

Photographer, Luke Snyder explains…
Sara and Mike bussed their friends and family into the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains to host their wedding at a very unique location.
Nestldown, reminiscent of Disneyland with its miniature train, waterfalls, ponds, gnome home, and tree house put a whopping “Wow!” in the mouth of nearly every guest and a jam packed day full of celebration ensued.
The day began like a fantasy children’s tale, transformed into an emotional and heartfelt event, and finished with some serious booty-shakin’

Credit: Luke Snyder Studio


  1. cj mccune

    Wow, I wish I could have been there! Oh, yeah, I was. Beautiful day, beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures.

  2. It was a beautiful wedding all around…beautiful setting, beautiful day, REALLY beautiful bride…and the day actually WAS a “fantasy children’s tale” for my kids, who spent a large portion of the day in the wonderful little children’s cottage! 🙂


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