That Bride/That Wife/That Photographer Extraordinaire

Jenna Cole is one of my best online friends. I met her what feels like a lifetime ago when we were both planning our weddings, through her blog That Bride.  Once she got married she became That Wife and now is even a photographer herself!  I have been dying for share some of her work with you for a while but have definitely been waiting for the best rock n roll style photo shoot…and I think I’ve got it don’t you?
Aviators, a cigar, birdcage veil, DIY wheat bouquet, tattoo…you name it this shoot has got it (even a tarantula for crying out loud – click here for that, I refuse to put a taruntulas on here! <shudder>)

Credit: Jenna Cole Photography


  1. Woohoo! I’m proud to be the subject of what’s been dubbed “the best rock n roll style photo shoot” of Jenna’s portfolio thus far. [dances]

    By the by, @Mariana, no killing should be required. I thiiink they still sell those shoes at DSW. They’re called “Beckey” by Madden Girl.


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