Fake And Fashioned

When Fox & Freddy (seriously, how rock n roll can you get!?) got married they felt their photographs really didn’t represent who they really were. So 6 years down the line their friend and photographer Joy Wilson offered to do a super cool fake wedding shoot for them so they could have all the funk they deserved! Joy even went so far as to head off to a fabric store and fashion Fox’s ridiculously gorgeous dress using a plethora of stunningly coloured tulle’s and a lot of safety pins – she also made the one of a kind bouquet…multi talented you might say!

These are spectacular…and oh my God I want that dress!


Credit: Joy Wilson Photography


  1. Esther

    Joy Wilson is AMAZING! I love her work. She has done many shoots for several friends as well as taking some amazing shots of my husband and I in a castle in Slovakia! I love this girl!!!!

  2. Annie

    These photos are awesome! Fox made a beautiful bride-again. Everything Joy Wilson does is amazing. She is so talented!


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